<![CDATA[Real eMoney Pro - Information Room]]>Tue, 23 Feb 2016 00:16:12 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Renew Clixsense Premium Membership]]>Thu, 11 Feb 2016 15:45:58 GMThttp://real-emoney-pro.weebly.com/information-room/renew-clixsense-premium-membershipIf you are not familiar how to renew your membership in clixsense, don't worry it happened to me the first time as well..  Here's how you can renew your clixsense Premium membership.
The actual renew button doesn't appear until it is 30 days or 1 month to your membership expiration.
It appears in your account summary, In case you dont know how to go there, just click on your username at the top..

Here's how it looks..
All you got to do is click on the yellow highlighted " Expiring Soon - Extend Now!"  and go to upgrade options, which should look like below.
You can choose which payment processor you want to pay from and follow the instructions.

  1. Buying two year at once will reduce your cost per day at clixsense.
  2. Although the discount is 12% with the extra fees paying twice will mean you save close to 15% or more, depending on the processor.
  3. Remember you get paid to the processor you paid your membership from, however this can be changed with a support ticket provided reasonable issues.
  4. You will always recover your premium cost with the daily $0.01 x 4 ads if you are active enough.

Good Luck and I hope this helps you.
<![CDATA[10 ways to get direct referrals to your website]]>Wed, 02 Apr 2014 07:49:56 GMThttp://real-emoney-pro.weebly.com/information-room/10-ways-to-get-direct-referrals-to-your-websitePicture
The only ensured way to build your earning constantly is recruiting referrals to your site (s). This is considered the hardest part of PTC earning strategies, and some people even go the extent of recommending rented referral in some PTC sites.
If thats is the case for you, read what I have included here to let you understand how easy it can get if you do the right things. Direct referral are free to have and if you can generate a steady stream of referrals there is a very very good chance you building a constant income stream as well.  A lot of people fail in getting refferals to their PTC sites, and at the bottom i have discussed why is that so. These methods have been tried & tested and proven to attract more referral than you think.  Some take time and investment and some are instant and short running, but altogether there are so many thing you can do to get referrals easily over the internet.

I'm going to brush through each of the methods, but you can follow the links to get more information about each method in detail too.

#1 - Recruiting through your own website

I have put this first for a reason, and thats because this is the best way getting direct referrals, period! Anybody who is serious in making money from PTC sites needs to have their own website. Obviously most of the people joining PTC sites dont have knowledge of doing this, but that's why we are here. We teach you how to make a website from scratch and the Do's and Dont's.

It is definitely a long term process but it pays, research about it and seek competitor websites from Google. Unlike driving traffic to your referral link, you can drive traffic to your website and promote multiple referral links at the same time. When you build a website you have two options, free or paid websites. I use the free hosting methods, because that's all you need. But if you think you need a .com address you can always go for a paid hosting site. Godaddy is the best hosting out there and hostgator is a close second.

www.weebly.com for me is the best free web site builder. Don't use Blogspot because PTC site related blogs are not allowed and will be banned after some time.
(personal experience)

Building a successful website is a long learning process and we will cover it here. It requires commitment and a lot of patience. You can use all the below methods afterwards to drive traffic, or you can just drive traffic to your referral links individually too. Its your choice. But if you are for the long run like me, make a website on your own, its no that hard, If I can do it so can you.

#2 - Recruiting from Forums and Chats

Provided you play this game properly, Forums and Discussions are the best place to put in your links. Think about it how many time have you searched on the internet on some question and ended up in a forum thread that has posts relating to what you searched for?

The idea is to place your comments on those forums when others searched likewise. So finding a good forum and being active in it usefully has its perks. You dont have to do anything other than give real solutions to a question or discussion of a forum.

How do you find the best forums to be active on? it doesn't mean you have to visit the forums everyday, once or twice a month is enough, search for
your area of relevance for posts/threads about PTC's and give your point of view. Make sure you update your profile with a photo of you and web links to your website/ref links. You can also use the signature to place your links in every post you make. The more the posts you make the better the trust you build in your answers. Don't spam. add value.

#3 - Recruiting from Comments and suggestions/answers

Much like Forums adding comments to articles and websites posts that has relevance to money making online also drives traffic to your ref links or website. If you add value people will want to see where you come from or direct them to. Plus its very easy to pass a comment on anything.

The trick is to find a place where a lot of people may visit and place a comment. There is no one way of doing this right, but I always make it a point to make a profile or register and make a comment on something that I come across, because there is a good chance some other person will also come the same way.

The issue with commenting is that its temporary to drive traffic but worthy to place back links if you are promoting a website, but I do them both, by placing a back link to my website and directing my visitors to my earning sites (ex: PTC sites) from there. rather than directly putting my ref link everywhere.
If you make it a habit to comment on 3-4 times every other day you are bound to hit a gold mine, and thats better than any game I'd say.

#4 - Social Media Marketing

Social media sites are here to stay. It is the future because its attractive and very popular with new billionaires coming out of the blue unlike in the olden days. The future is connected through social media. So you better get to it before anyone else does.

It is not that complicated and most of the time fun and free. So build a FB page, have a twitter account. If you have a website play with some social widgets and apps. Comment on relevant social pages and where people hang out and are active. Social exchanges like www.fanslave.com can be used to get FB likes and twitter followers and more free of charge. The best part is almost everybody who uses social exchanges wants to make money online too.

It is perfectly fine to update your social presence even if you dont get any likes or followers at the start, make sure you are ready with enough material on your FB pages before you get into promoting it, so that people will always stay in "liked" to receive future updates. Nobody will like a FB page with no continuous material in it.

#5 - Website Advertising and Network Marketing

This requires a good eye and some spying skills. There are so many advertising networks out there which are garbage, but the best ones are too expensive for penny handlers like us. However, there are a few good ones out there who are growing and those are the once open for us.

When you visit a website, make it a habit to see at the bottom of the home page, because most often websites that have advertising spots for hire put an "advertise with us" link there. Sometimes the website owners handle their advertise space on there own and sometimes it is given to an ad network. All you have to do is contact them and purchase an ad spot.

Be careful, dont do this if you dont have enough experience
in campaign marketing. There are a few things to consider.

Will I make more money than I spend?
Does the website get organic traffic or paid?
Are the visitors in your target market?

Most of the time these advertisements run for a particular period rather than a number of clicks or impressions. So be mindful of timing your advertisements as well. I always thought weekends are the best time to place advertisements (it is a good time still) but i found out that Thursdays are better through practice. It might be the advertisement or the group of visitors or paid advertisements the website gets or just dumb luck, but thats a trend I have seen. So I obviously cash in on that and have booked Thursdays till 8 months from now to run my advertisements.

#6 - PPC Advertising and Marketing

Adsense, FB Ads are the most popular but there a few other that are great but not that popular with.

Example : Bidvertiser you get $20 just for trying it out and some of my easiest referrals were from Bidvertiser.

Adsense is expensive and FB ads are just pointless if you dont know what you are doing. PPC advertsing has its perks if you are advertising high priced goods because a single sale will allow a lot of clicks.

So it is better to try the method out by using these free money given to try out in smaller PPC networks.

Bidvertiser is a start, Ill let you Google and find out the rest. :)

#7 - Traffic Exchanges

Traffic exchanges are a free method to get traffic to your referral link/website. It works simple, you visit someone else's site you get someone else visiting yours.

A lot of new PTC joiners use traffic exchanges to advertise their referral links to new people who surf on traffic exchanges, all you need to do is take part in it as well. There is a few points to consider using traffic exchanges to recruit new referrals. The best traffic exchanges are the ones that get new surfers. they are listed here. It might take hundreds of hits for you to get a single recruit but the important part is its free.

Traffic exchanges also can be used as a source of income as you get money to surf, and you can use the strategies that I discuss later
to make this a separate source of income as well.

#8 - Email Marketing and List building

Email Marketing and list building is also a good way to get people in your list to join your websites as referrals. All you need is a good auto responder free/paid, or you can always do it manually using Gmail or outlook.

People tend to think you need money to make a list, but there are so many ways you can advertise your email address or lead capture page to make a list. All you need to do then is send emails out.

I wouldn't mind
sending emails 20 at a time to 1000 emails. if I get $100 for a single sale or a few new referrals for a new program. The secret is attracting them to give you their email address. You can use a free goodies tactic and get their details or invite them directly through other methods mentioned here as well.
A simple comment " If you need to know how i made $500 a week through the internet absolutely free, send me an email at xxxxxx@gmail.com and ill share with you how i did it for free"  will generate enough leads. Its simple as that. Make sure your dont promote the same program you get your leads from. For example if you advertise your capture page in neobux, there is no point promoting neobux to them, they are already there.

#9 - Article writing and Marketing / Guest Posting

Seen as Ideal to enhance SEO of your website links from articles will be something of the past. Everybody is trying to exploit it so Google will obviously punish. Instead make a brand name, instead of linking in say the brand name. Otherwise if you want to direct them to your referral links straight there is no problem there as well. Do not put direct links to your own website, one link is okay if you absolutely want to. Instead of linking in to your website, put your website address in your profile. People will come.

Stumbleupon, tumblr, slideshare, hubpages are few places you can easily make articles and even make money doing so.

The article
s should be unique and should attract its readers to your website ideally. SO make it with proofs and reviews and write as much as you can.

#10 - Offline Marketing

This method is frowned at by internet marketers, but let me ask you a question? Do you buy newspapers? what if newspapers had your website information on it? Its cheap and has reach to many. Your website will get genuine visits that will improve your SEO and local clients that you can reach better.

The list is endless, but what I personally do it print out my web address and leave it in public places. Even in Public toilets. :) It works.  Pin them to notice boards, put them in library books, put them in parked cars etc.

There are plenty of newspapers in the world selling ad spaces and you can find them all through the internet. Ill let you imagine the rest.

So to conclude, the best strategy is not one of these but a combination. think of it as you are starting up a business. At the start you need to do a bit more to get the message out about what you are offering. When the time goes buy you make money and you can use services to get the message out and people start coming in automatically. make it a habit, and use a bit of time continuously to spread the crumbs and soon enough people are bound to arrive in numbers. Good luck.!!!
<![CDATA[Why PTC sites gets Advertisements]]>Wed, 19 Feb 2014 15:30:27 GMThttp://real-emoney-pro.weebly.com/information-room/why-ptc-sites-gets-advertisementsPicture
Paid to click sites gets advertisements from many sources, different people use PTC sites to get exposure to there websites and advertisements. This analysis is about why people use PTC sites to advertise.

Does it work? well the short answer is "yes" it works. Otherwise there wont be a PTC industry now would it. People actually do see results in advertising through PTC sites and thats why they are surviving. The following body of texts will show you how it works and what type of things it works well and not so well.

what does it work for?

Not all advertisements have good results, but the following does.

1) Advertisements for referral building on other PTC sites.

2) Any low cost entry money making systems.

3) Freebies and list building done together.

4) Revenue based CPC campaigns, very rare but if you can find one yes it works. Some cloaking might be needed to run over trackers.

5) Advertisements to get hits to websites, for selling of advertising space or impressions.

PTC sites are the best place you can advertise for the following in general

1) Advertising in money making niche
. (Other PTC's, Affiliate marketing, Traffic Exchanges)

2) CPA offers ( Cost per Action )

3) List Building ( again mainly for money making niche)

4) Cheapest unique Hits for your new websites fast without bots. ( On demand )

It is almost everywhere, that traffic from PTC sites are more or less worthless.
That is true if you are an untrained advertiser. It's a game of volume. Sure you cant even think of comparing conversion rates with organic traffic of SEO etc, but read on.

If you need referrals to a PTC site, what do you think the best place to get them from? Surely Other PTC sites right?

If you are selling blogging solutions or website packages or anything in the online money making niche PTC is probably the best place to advertise. Why? thats where everybody who wants to make money online come together.

List building is another thing that works very nice on PTC sites? Everyday you get thousands of people joining PTC sites to earn money online. The new joiners actually read what is in-front of them
during the initial period and that's where list building and even other advertisement get the best exposure.

Having unique hits gives a website an impression that it is popular, So if you show your readership stats about how much hits your website gets, your real readership/clients will remain
and take your site more seriously. If you are selling advertising spots in your website, then it will show more impressions for you to roll up costs, however there is a question of ethics here. So although I dont recommend it people actually do it.

PTC referral building
creates its own bubble if you will, what happens is the money inflows to the whole of the PTC industry keeps on cycling in the array of PTC websites out there, until someone somewhere withdraws it. It might be website owners or members. Until that the money invested in the form of memberships and especially adverting money. This creates the false impression of actual growth, but what really happens is that the same money is going from a website to another.

Example: You click in Clixsense advertisements and get cash, you spend that money to advertise clixsense referral link on neobux and someone from neobux get the cash you originally got from the clixsense advertiser.
and he goes and advertises his neobux Referral link in Clixsense and you click on it get your money back it goes on and on until someone withdraws the money or the money slowly vanishes into website maintenance and/or profits. (every time you click the PTC sites gets a small amount too)

I hope that's enough to think about, and you now have an idea of why PTC sites gets advertisements, I would love to here your point of views on this as well.

<![CDATA[PTC Reviews - Nerdbux]]>Wed, 19 Feb 2014 14:11:48 GMThttp://real-emoney-pro.weebly.com/information-room/ptc-reviews-nerdbux
UPDATE : 11-11-2014

NERDBUX is no more, The word is that they had a major issue with paypal due to some users continuously asking for refunds, They just shut down the site all of a sudden and went off. Which shows us that no site how much ever we think we know it can go down. Please read our blog for more details. 
Started in 2013, This site has the best potential of any PTC site? why? Its owned by an internet marketing company that has more than 11 years of experience. If you join this website you will know about how a real legitimate new business can't start and achieve success in a real short time, without giving false promises to its members.

General Review & Details
Whois data as per Nov 2013
Creation Date: 14-feb-2013
Expiration Date: 14-feb-2014
Registrant Name: TIM LINDEN
Registrant Organization: TIMTECH LLC

Established:  28 June 2013
Per click income: $0.001
Geo Targeting ads: No.
Daily ads: 30+ $0.001 ads per day.
Estimated daily click income: $0.02 - $0.04*
* This is the income only by clicking ads and only an estimate and depends on ads availability.
Estimated time to click everyday:  Less than 10 mins

Payment Options: PayPal , Payza
Min Payout : $4.00
Payments : Immediate ( Daily limits has been in place)
Withdraw Conditions: None..

Affiliate Program: No limit to direct referrals 1 level income. 100 & 2000 Rented Referral Limit for free and Paid memberships
Rent Referral program: Yes
Premium membership: $7 per month & $50 a year memberships available.

Script: PTC Evolution.
Mobile enabled: No
Social exchange: No
In house Traffic exchange: No
Other benefits:  A lot of promotion during holidays and other days as well. Legit owners, with experience in handling online business. 

Reviewed:  17.02.2014 By: Rasika Jayasuriya

Review comments:

Nerdbux is a new PTC site with Old experienced owners, unlike new PTC with New owners. Although they don't have direct PTC experience, they do have experience in running similar websites such as Traffic exchanges, Trackers, and other web solutions for a  very similar market.

By Far the best PTC to come in 2013 when it comes to potential
Nerdbux has its problems. The issue with Cashout limits due to use of referral bots and the issue with Payza being freezed in the US in early 2013 but I like the way they are handling things. Of course there are people who complain about everything. Someone has to draw the line somewhere and I love what Nerdbux is doing.

The best part of Nerdbux is its simplicity in advertisements, If you are a free member you get $0.001 per click and if you pay for a membership you get $0.002 for the same ad. You also can earn
from offers, Micro jobs and from NerdGrid ( All the PTc sites have these options) Ofcourse you can earn more if you have a paid membership from all of this methods. ( See Nerdbux for more details) 

Nerdbux is second on my list, because I believe they have potential to be big very soon. They grew to 200,000 members so fast they are copied since then. I believe the PTC evolution script
has sold more copies after Nerdbux than ever before.

They are strict when it comes to cheating so dont even try.
No proxies, No mobile devices, No spamming on their Forums with stupid stuff they will just ban you and forget you, They dont need you we need them.
the faster you learn this the better it is for you. We are not here to correct them but use their facility to earn us more money. If you abide by the rules and regulations then we are fine and thats all thats matter.
This is common to many PTC sites not only NerdBux
. You can read more on your strategy to get stuff sorted in our discussion room in the future. Nerdbux is also a changing PTC becuase they are new so leave room for changes with this PTC.

One more reason why NerdBux is second, giveout you can earn more money just by clicking ( On average $0.04 per day being a free memeber and clicking only ads) NerdBux ads are mostly coming from new successful internetprenuers, Like TE owners, so there are less scammers advertising here, that other main PTC sites. Plus they have adjusted the PTC evolution script just right in my view.

So dont be alarmed, but join this site as a free member and try it out. Invest in it when you think you are ready always ( I can recommend only Clixsense to invest right away if you have the money - Don't Hurry anywhere else it needs Strategy and understanding that you need to learn).

This is the second best PTC i can personally recommend you to join if you are new to PTC earning.

Read in discussion room on how to make your own strategy according to your constraint in every PTC.

<![CDATA[PTC Reviews - Clixsense]]>Wed, 27 Nov 2013 19:41:45 GMThttp://real-emoney-pro.weebly.com/information-room/ptc-reviews-clixsense
Clixsense is by far the best PTC out there. You think this is a bold statement? Well read about the best PTC site in my list below and you be the judge of that.

General Review & Details
Whois data as per Nov 2013
Creation Date: 29-dec-2006
Expiration Date: 29-dec-2021
Registrant Name: JIM GRAGO
Registrant Organization: CLIXSENSE INC.

Established:  February 2007  ( 7 Years old)
Per click income: $0.001 - $0.02
Geo Targeting ads: Yes
Daily ads: 1 guaranteed $0.01 ad for all and about 15 - 20+ $0.001 ads per day. (depends on your country)
Estimated daily click income: $0.02 - $0.04*
* This is the income only by clicking ads and only an estimate and depends on ads availability.
Estimated time to click everyday:  Less than 10 mins

Payment Options: PayPal , Payza and checks
Min Payout : First payout $6 and $8 afterwards.
Payments : Every Monday and Friday.
Withdraw Conditions: None..

Affiliate Program
: Unlimited direct referrals & on 8 level matrix for premium members.
Rent Referral program: No
Premium membership: $17 per year.

Script: Own script
developed for clixsense.
Mobile enabled: No
Social exchange: No
In house Traffic exchange: No

Other benefits:  Free Notification Toolbar from conduit. Weekly task contest and daily check list bonus.

27.11.2013 By: Rasika Jayasuriya

Review comments

This PTC site is the best PTC site I have come across in my online money making career. Its free to join and make money and there is no complications involved in the whole system. Which makes it very attractive to spend your time on developing.

The legitimacy of clixsense is unparallelled,
due to its simplicity and transparency. It has developed so many good relationships with other businesses online, that supports its sustainability. You dont have to worry about investing here at all. Clixsense is here to stay. Just look at the who-is information, They have registered the domain address till 2021. That shows the administration has its eyes on continuing the business and thats rare in this industry. The business model and prices also are set, in a way that clixsense will never flop. This is easy to predict by comparing cost and revenue of the site.

For example:

Clixsense charge $690 for 500,000 ad credits at the highest discount of 43%.

Which means you can get 500,000 visits @ a cost of $0.00138.
Out of $0.00138 - $0.001 goes to the clicker and $0.00038 is profit for the site. Which means they never make a loss. (this is the cheapest advertising option others make better profits to clixsense)

Why is this good? The clicker doesn't have to worry about receiving money from clixsense, because the advertiser has already paid that. Clixsense doesn't need to make money to give you payments.
If you analyze the same way, you can easily find other scam sites this way. Clixsense is therefore will never become a scam.

If you are searching away to make free money online, then clixsense is one of that few places you can do that for absolutely free.
Why, its going to be there for a long long time. You can learn and grow at any pace to get your money.

This is the best PTC/GPT site you can earn money online for free. period.

Other ways to make money through clixsense

1) Clixgrid - Lottery system with prizes from $0.10 - $10 / 30 free chances everyday to free members
2) Complete tasks and offers
3) Task contest - weekly prize pot of $100 shared among the
best 10 members who completes the most tasks.
4) Check list bonus - Complete a check list of actions to get a bonus income for the daily earnings.
5) Referral Income from an unlimited 1 & 8 level matrix  for free & premium members respectively.
6) Income from Surveys and listening to Radio for US & Canadian members.